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Former tennis legend Pam Shriver has stated that se*ual relationships between players and their coaches must stop. Shriver is the coach of Croatian player Donna Vekic and she is speaking out against accepting players in dealings with their coaches.

Shriver at the Sydney Morning Herald explained: "Having seen so many generations of female players struggle with the same thing, I really want women players to have more leeway about separating their personal and professional lives.

There has been such an acceptance that this happen. This has to pass to no, it can't happen. I would like to see the four majors, who together have 12 big weeks on the calendar, step up and be better leaders on this. I think there are some real opportunities to break through"

Pam Shriver on the se*ual relationships between players and their coaches

Last year, Shriver revealed that she was in a damaging intimate relationship with her former coach, Don Candy, who died in 2020. The relationship allegedly began when she was 17 and he was 50, reports the New York Post.

About her former coach, Pam said last year: "I still have mixed feelings about Don. Yes, he and I were in a long and inappropriate relationship. Yes, he was cheating on his wife. But there was a lot about him that was honest and authentic. And I loved him. Even so, he was the adult here. He should have been the trustworthy adult."

Shriver's latest remarks come months after French tennis player Fiona Ferro accused her former coach, Pierre Bouteyre, of se*ual assault by rape in a social media post.

WTA, which and named attorney Lindsay Brandon, released a statement in response to Shriver's comments: "The WTA is committed to providing a safe environment throughout the tour. Safeguarding requires vigilance and we continue to invest in education, training and resources to enhance our efforts."

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