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Renowned tennis coach Jofre Porta thinks the Nadal family understanding of the game played a big part in Rafael Nadal's success. 

Uncle Toni Nadal is a tennis mastermind and he is often credited for his nephew's early development and the success that followed after he turned pro. 

"We start with Rafa when he was nine, when I come back I was in the Spanish Federation and Toni was happy. Obviously, he was training but if we speak only about the talent, if we don’t speak about the technical ability, we need to work," Porta said on the Control the Controllables podcast, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"I think one of the best things of Rafa was the education of the family. Toni was special and he prepared him for the effort. I think these kind of things help so much. One is the practice and the other is the education of the family, the environment."

Porta: Nadal's physical abilities and mental strength keys to his success 

Nadal has always been one of the best prepared players on the ATP Tour. 

Also, Nadal's mental strength has always been one of the most impressive things about him. 

In January, Nadal was down by two sets to Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open. 

Nadal was down by two, facing three break points in the third set, and just when it seemed everything was against him, he went on to make a historic comeback.  

"A big, big percentage depends on talent of the guy. Rafa was not only technical talent, he had a fantastic cordination of his talent and the mental we don't need to speak about and the physical is crazy," Porta said. 

Nadal was coached by his Uncle Toni until 2017. 

After the 2017 season, Toni stepped away and Carlos Moya became the main guy in Nadal's box. 

Since the split, Nadal has won five Grand Slams. 

Uncle Toni was confident Nadal would do well with Moya and that turned to be correct.

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