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Morgan Riddle admitted she barely knew anything about tennis before becoming Taylor Fritz's girlfriend but now she is absolutely in love with the sport. 

Riddle and Fritz have been dating for a while now and Riddle often posts snippets of her tour trips on social media. 

Riddle has a notable number of followers on TikTok and Instagram and she is trying to use her platform to promote tennis in good light. 

Riddle went from not knowing who were the Big Three to being a big tennis fan and the game promoter. 

“I think the reason for me that I was so interested to bring it to a new audience is I didn’t know a thing about tennis until Taylor and I started dating," revealed Riddle on the Hold On To Your Racquets podcast, as quoted on Sportskeeda. "You know, before him and I met, I was like , ‘Does he play college tennis?’ What is the ATP? My whole family is a hockey family. Not a soul from Minnesota plays tennis. I didn’t know any of the Big 3,"

Fritz a fan of Riddle's work

One of Riddle's TikTok tennis videos went viral and Fritz thought it was a cool idea to promote tennis on a bit different way. 

"I think what [my girlfriend] did was awesome for our sport. It got a ton of people looking at it," Fritz said. "Regardless of the reaction people have had from it, I think everyone in the tennis community can agree that it's good for tennis to kind of almost sell it in a different kind of way, one that she would know — she knew her audience would kind of react to."

Unfortunately, some fans weren't too thrilled about Riddle's video. 

"I think you get your typical older fan maybe like upset about it. I don't understand how anyone can get upset about it. I'm the one that's a professional tennis player, I'm the one that does this for a living," Fritz said. "I 100% agree with everything in that video."

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