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Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios fired back at NBL great Steve Carfino after he was called a "jerk" and accused of "a lack of sportsmanship."

This past weekend, Kyrgios participated in the Starlight Celebrity Basketball game. 

The game took place in Sydney and it had the goal of raising funds for charity. 

Kyrgios enjoyed himself during the game as he blocked NSW Premier Dom Perrottet and minutes later crossed the most powerful politician in the state. 

Also, Kyrgios attempted to block Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil. 

Carfino, who was coaching one of the teams, took issue with that. 

“What a jerk. Oh my goodness,” Carfino said on Fox Sports’ The Back Page. "And what a lack of sportsmanship. He’s blocking girls’ shots, he’s not passing to his teammates.

“This is a celebrity game. There’s be funds to be raised for the Starlight Foundation. It was ridiculous.”

Kyrgios responds to the Carfino comments 

“Lack of respect? You potato, have a look at my foundation and look me in my eyes and tell me what lack of respect there is for that?" Kyrgios commented under Fox Sports Australia's Instagram post. 

“Maybe if you showed less sportsmanship your NBA career would of lasted longer (laugh emoji).”

Later, Carfino was asked to explain why he criticized Kyrgios. 

“I just thought it was unsportsmanlike, you know? It wasn’t the right moment to show how dominant you can be against, you know, Australia’s contestant for Miss World,” he said. “He’s trying to block her shot. He’s going hard, blocking the shot of the premier, you know, didn’t come out, refused to come out of the game.

“We had 18 players and we got everybody in. I think it was you know, for the betterment of the game. You know, that was the right thing to do. It was a celebrity game. Know where you’re at.”

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