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Andrey Rublev triumphs in Belgrade, giving himself the third tournament of the season in Belgrade. After Marseille and Dubai, the Russian raises a new trophy, winning against the host, Novak Djokovic. The final result is 6-2, (4) 6-7, 6-0 for the Russian: to condition the match was above all the physical condition of the world number one, bent double in the second set due to fatigue. The initial equilibrium of the first set was shattered in the fifth game: on the Serbian's serve, Rublev managed to reach 40-0 thanks to two perfect backhands and weak second ones by the host, who was removed from the service. To a game held at zero, the number eight tennis player in the world responds with another break, directing the first set towards its early end: 6-2 for Rublev, after just over half an hour of match. Too passive Djokovic, too far from the baseline, waiting for the Russian's mistakes, who did not arrive in the first set. The second set follows the plot of the first, at least initially. In the first game, it is a first serve in the center that saves the world number one, who avoided the break after two excellent accelerations by Rublev. Taken by the heat, he manages to steal the serve, but the Russian's counterattack comes immediately: even in these cases, more demerits of the landlord than winners of Djokovic. From the frenzy of the first games to the stability of the match: to Rublev's games, held with security mainly thanks to the serve, Djokovic replies, with greater effort, but who still takes home his batting rounds. In particular, there is the ninth game, where a long line backhand brought the score to 40-40, making Djokovic tremble, but the home idol did not give up.

Djokovic has been on a roll at the Serbian Open

Novak Djokovic expressed his sympathy towards Russian and Belarusian athletes currently affected by the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, explaining how they have been handed the short hand of the stick. "Politics exists in sports, you have political structures in the organization. I am talking about higher instances of interfering politics. I stand behind what I said. There is no need to suspend any athlete, not just a tennis player," Novak Djokovic said. "I don't see how they affect the war. We have a rule in tennis on the prohibition of discrimination, which speaks of the rule of ranking non-nationality. Wimbledon violated that, the ATP spoke out."

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